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b&b's beginnings

meet sabrina, the brains behind b&b

hi all. 

I created this blog & shop to share my passion & knowledge in ways that can be difficult in a demanding world. As I begin my career & move into a new city, I run into more encounters of people asking, "What are your plans? Where do you see yourself? What do you want to do?" 

To be completely honest, I want to do hundreds of things - in all aspects of life. I can't possibly answer it in one sentence. Why would I narrow the possibilities, when they are absolutely endless? 

Oops! I almost forgot to introduce myself. My name is Sabrina Maldonado, I am 21 years old &  I wasn't made to fit in a box. My guess is, that neither were you.

welcome to b&b.

about b&b: About

what you will find here

blog & shop

b&b blog is here to inspire, connect, & relate. I've come to realize that being a woman in today's world has obstacles of its own. I'm here to talk about what balancing social life, work, school & financial wellness means as a young woman.

b&b shop is where I am able to express my love & passion for artistry & creation. Seasonal collections will include items ranging from clothing to accessories curated by me, for you. My hope here is to be able share my talents & ideas on a platform with other supportive individuals like yourselves!

about b&b: Welcome
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