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the girl behind b&b

Updated: Jun 1, 2021

hi b&b's

Welcome to my blog! Before getting into the good stuff, I wanted to properly introduce myself for those who don't know me.

My name is Sabrina Maldonado & I am 21 years old. I recently graduated from the University of Massachusetts Lowell, double majoring in Economics & Political Science with a minor in Finance.

As a young woman entering the finance industry this July, I have learned a lot about who I am & what I expect of myself. I've also learned a lot about what society expects of me as a female in this industry (and world). & this is exactly why I am here.

After successfully building a thrifting business through my Instagram, I knew I had an opportunity to build my platform into something even bigger. A shop & blog - a creative, safe space where I could explore my creativity & create a community for others to as well!

While I plan on covering all kinds of things on b&b blog (lifestyle, college, career), my ultimate goal with b&b blog is to promote financial literacy & wellness for young women.

My hope is that this space allows you to authentically reflect on your own experiences, as you join me on my own personal journey. Although I would love to guide you all through school, life & work, I'm learning along the way too. I don't have all the answers & that's the very best part.

learn together, grow together, succeed together. welcome to b&b.

all the love, brina

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